The Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case

The Sushant Singh Rajput death case, which was a sensational news story in the English newspaper, the Indian Express, on June 12th, 2021, generated wide attention all over the country. A prominent personality, Subodh Gupta, news broke that Rajput king of Rajasthan, Sushant Singh Rajput died of suffocation after being tortured to death. Many in attendance at the royal funeral found Sushant Singh lying on the floor with his head resting on a wooden table. There were other attendants present at the funeral, who tried to stop the mob from harming Sushant Singh Rajput, but to no avail. All of this ended in tragedy for Sushant Singh Rajput, who was buried without any grave site.

Just three days after the incident, Sushant Singh was found dead in the Hospital Talents Home in Mumbai. Though investigations into the case were conducted immediately, no solid proof or evidence has been found to implicate the Rajput king of Rajasthan in any crime. As the entire nation and the media were in a state of frenzy over the death of the erstwhile prince, it was not very easy to sort out this crisis. However, the Mumbai police managed to corner the culprits and brought them to book, thereby restoring faith in the people of Mumbai.

Sushant Singh was a popular late actor who played a prominent role in a number of films throughout the 1990s. Most notable films included Jai Jawan, Om Shanti Om, Bhumika in Bhumika, Kismet Konnection, Mankatha, and Krantzastu. He was also an accomplished singer and served a term in the Lower House as an MP. It is believed that Sushant Singh had was working on a film about the life of Mahatma Gandhi, which went unrevealed until after his untimely death.

Sushant was found dead in his room at around 2am on a surprise birthday party for his son. His blood alcohol level was found to be more than the legal limit, and thus leading to the suspicions of his family. The autopsy reports also contained a note that said Sushant Singh died due to “heart failure.” This news, coupled with the fact that Sushant Singh was a famous late actor, caused a great deal of consternation and shock among the people of Mumbai. Even today, people gather outside Sushant’s grave site to mourn for the late actor.

Earlier in the day, news of Sushant’s untimely death reached Bollywood where most of the famous personalities were away from the city. Deviating quickly from his original plans, Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma took the directorial option away from Sushant. He then called up the police to question Sushant about the alleged role in his drug case, which Sushant denied. Sushant Singh had been questioned by the cops and released after several hours. But this was just the beginning of a series of events that would change the course of Sushant Singh Rajput’s life forever. Once questioned and taken into custody, Sushant was booked for two days without any lawyer to help him out of the case.

Sushant’s next meeting with the cops lasted about an hour, during which Sushant denied all involvement in the case saying he had seen his son die a natural death two years back in a car crash. However, a week later, Sushant Singh was found dead in his jail cell. A week and a half later, the police found out that Sushant was not just innocent but was actually found dead in his cell despite earlier denials. The official statement from the investigating officer said that Sushant Singh died due to heart failure and was pronounced dead at the hospital.


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